Lesson POL-7

Welcome! Please consider how your attitude affects your and other students experience of the lesson.

Be respectful, come prepared with relevant material and show interest in order to have the best possible educational experience.

Learning goals; we are learning to

Identify the assessment criteria by listening to a student example as well as carrying on with preparing your debates by selecting rhetorical appeals and following SEAL.

Lesson activities

Basic: student examples

Intermediate- advanced: your debate

Basic activity: student example

Listen to the student example and assess it

Time for the activity: ~10-20 minutes

What are the student's:

  1. Strenghts?

  2. Weaknesses?

  3. What can you learn from the example?

Please see the rubrics (matris) below for details.

Intermediate-advanced activity: your debate

Your goal is to participate in ~4-6 min live debate.

Please follow these steps. Today, focus on:

  1. Follow SEAL and examples, analysis and link

  2. Select figures of speech

    • Anaphora (beginning)

    • Antimetabole (A-B-B-A)

    • Epizeuxis (sequence)

    • Asyndeton (remove conjunctions)

    • Alliteration (consonants)

    • Epistrophe (last words)

    • Antithesis (contrast)

    • Simile (like/as)

    • Analogy (lengthy, more information)

    • Hyperbole (exaggeration)

    • Metaphor (not literally)

    • Euphemism (agreeable)


Use SEAL to add examples, analysis and link, as well as figures of speech

Exit ticket

Our figures of speech are ...


Continue working on your debates.