Lesson MMS-3

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Lesson goals

Deepen your understanding of Monroe's motivated sequence by taking a quiz, develop your vocabulary and practice creating a speech 

Lesson activities

Vocabulary quiz

Vocabulary development

Practice speech

Vocabulary quiz

Rephrasing - how it works

Read the first sentence. Complete the second sentence so that is has a similar meaning to the first sentence by putting the word in bold in the blank space (...) . Change the word if necessary. You must use between two and five words. For example:

Vocabulary development

This is called a Frayer model. It is a strategy which enchances your vocabulary development and deepen your understanding of new concepts.

Vocabulary list

Mainly ➜ more than anything else.

Clutch ➜ grasp (something) tightly

Unkempt ➜ having an untidy or dishevelled appearance

Sucker punched ➜ an unexpected punch,  blow or event

Tucked (away) ➜ hidden or difficult to find

Goliath ➜ a very large and powerful person or organization

Harbor ➜ keep a negtive thought or feeling in one's mind

To pose ➜present or constitute (a problem or danger)

Morph ➜ change smoothly from one thing to another

Barely ➜ only just; almost not

Rural ➜ in or relating to the countryside rather than the town

To harness ➜ control and make use of natural resources

Scriptings ➜ Something written, a text

Convince ➜ completely certain about something

Efficiency ➜ the state or quality of being efficient

Merely ➜ just; only

Unearth ➜ find (something) in the ground by digging

Ripple effect ➜ the spreading results of an event or action

Quad(rangle) ➜ a square or rectangular space or courtyard

Doodle ➜ scribble absent-mindedly

Flip recording

Time for the activity: 30-40 minutes

Similar to the previous lesson, create a short speech where you motivate the listener to reach out to strangers:


List of topics


Record your speech

Exit ticket

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