Lesson MMS-3

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Learning outcomes

During the course of this lesson, you will:

  • Identify Monroe's Motivated Sequence in speeches in order to improve listening comprehension.

Lesson outline

Basic exercises: Quizlet and theme discussion

Intermediate exercise

Advanced exercises

Exit ticket and homework

Essential exercise

Quizlet mini-quiz.

Please wait for Feke to share the test code.

Speech discussion and vocabulary

Time for the activitites: 10 minutes

You are going to watch the speech "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable" which key themes are:

  • uncomfortable, critique, speaking up, fear

What do you think the talk will be about?

  • shoddy

  • shady

  • domino

  • follow suit

  • sacrifice

  • freshman year

  • advisor

  • submerged

  • status quo

  • integrity

  • justice

  • core value

  • acute

  • disrupt

  • to band together

  • cosigning

  • to tumble

  • discriminatory

  • memoir

  • to assault

Intermediate exercise

Listen to Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Time for the activity: 10 min video + 5 min discussion

While listening, take notes on:

  1. What attention-grabber did the speaker use?

  2. What is the need (problem) that was addressed?

  3. How was the need satisfied?

  4. How was this visualised?

  5. What was the recommended action?

Advanced exercise

Group discussion

Time for the activity: 20 minutes

  • According to Ajayi, what challenges are there being the first domino?

  • Why do you think fear keeps us from doing things?

  • What benefits could come from saying 'hard things"?

  • Ajayi said:

"So it is our job, it is our obligation, it is our duty to speak truth to power, to be the domino, not just when it’s difficult — especially when it’s difficult."

Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Time for the exercise: 20 minutes

By yourself, :

  1. Use an attention-grabbar

  2. Create a need

  3. Satisfaction

  4. What do we need to be uncomfortable and speak the truth about? As as group, agree on three important topics that we should talk about.

  5. Record what you wrote on Flipgrid (Teams or QR-code).

  6. ...

Exit ticket

"From the exercises, I learned .."


Read about Monroe's Motivated Sequence and study the Quizlet.