Lesson ECP-5

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Lesson goals

Watch the movie The Color Purple and learn about the narrative as well as answer a worksheet on linking words.

Lesson activities

Basic: watch the movie

Intermediate-advanced: worksheet

Basic: the movie The Color Purple

Please pay attention while watching the movie.

Intermediate-advanced: worksheet

Advanced linking words worksheet

  • This exercise develops your skills understanding and comparing the narratives using linking words

  1. While watching The Color Purple, use the worksheet to compare the movie with the quotes from the book.

  2. Then, expand upon your examples and use synonyms to and, but and because in your answer.

The linking words categories:

  • Elaboration A ➜ A. Synonym to “and”; more information. Examples: such as, for instance, as well, in addition, furthermore, moreover

  • Cause and effect. A ➜ B. Synonym to “because”; tells us why. Examples: due to, since, therefore, on the condition that, consequently, in order to

  • Compare and contrast. A ≠ B. Synonym to “but”; compare similarities. Examples: in comparison, in contrast to, however, despite, in spite of, whereas


Complete the worksheet and bring to lesson ECP-6.

Exit ticket

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