Lesson POL-5

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Lesson goals

Listen to an episode of The Great Debate and understand figures of speech, the arguments and vocabulary used, as well as discussing the topic "Should we Abolish the Monarchy?"

Lesson activities

Repetition and theme discussion

The Great Debate, episode 3

Group discussion


Previous lesson: match the figures of speech with the examples

Time for the exercise: ~5-10 minutes

The Great Debate - Focus on the core

Before watching The Great Debate: Focus on the core

Time for the exercise: ~10-15 minutes

Discuss with a classmate:

Time for the activities: 40 minutes

After listening, you will be asked to answer on:

Group discussion

Time for the activity: ~20 minutes

During this exercise, you will develop your speaking and discussion skills

Discuss with your classmate(s):

Create your own answer - should we abolish animal testing for medical research? - using the SEAL-method:

Source: UR, retrieved 2021


Study the Quizlet-vocabulary.

Exit ticket

From watching the show, I think ...