Lesson MMS-4

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Lesson goals

Learn about ... and to ... and understand what ...

Lesson activities

Basic: warm-up

Intermediate: introduction lecture

Advanced: ...

During the course of this lesson, you will learn:

  • Identify Monroe's Motivated Sequence in speeches in order to improve listening comprehension.

  • Use Monroe's Motivated Sequence and inversions grammar to improve structure and formality.

Lesson outline

Part A: basic grammar worksheet

Part B: inversions and adverbs lecture

Part C: inversions and adverbs exercises

Exit ticket and homework

Basic grammar worksheet

MMS-4 basic worksheet

Exercise 1: identify and correct the mistakes

Time for the activity: ~5-10 minutes

Exercise 2: create adverbs from adjectives

Time for the exercise: ~5-10 minutes

For example, the adjective: quick

  • We add +ly to describe how the customer walks

Making sure to arrive before they close, the customer had to walk quickly.

Grammar lecture: inversions and adverbs

MMS-4 Inversions

Inversions and adverbs exercises

MMS-4 inversions and adverbs worksheet

Exercise 3A: identify the meaning of the inversions

Exercise 3B: make your own sentences using inversions

Time for the exercises: ~15-20 minutes

Make at least four (4) sentences using inversions. Furthermore, focus on describing:

  • a unique situation

  • a short amount of time

  • understanding a situation

  • not understanding a situation

Pro tip! Challenge yourself by making compound-complex sentences!

Exit ticket

"From the exercises, I learned .."


Study the grammar Quizlet.

Exit ticket

From the exercises, I learned ...