Lesson MMS-4

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Lesson goals

Learn about inversions, how to use them to improve formality and practice identifying as well as using inversions in sentences.

Lesson activities

Basic grammar repetition

Grammar lecture: inversions

Inversions practice

Basic: grammar worksheet 

Basic grammar overview

Basic grammar overview

A subject  is what a sentence is about. 

Examples of subjects:

A verb shows action and auxiliary (helping) verbs expresses time, emphasis, and more.

Examples of verbs and auxiliary verbs are:

Other helping verbs are: Be (am, are, is, was, were), can, could, do (did, does), have (had, has), may, might, shall, should, will would

Use adverbs to add details to a verb and explain when, where or how the action occurs.

Many adverbs are made by adding -ly to an adjective. 

Spelling rules when an adjective ends in:

Adverbs are categorised into how they describe the verb:

Exercise MMS-4a: identify and correct subject, verb and helping verb mistakes.

I has been busy with my speech and I think I had had a good flow, even though I gotten very little sleep.

Because I looks at Youtube, I would have a better understanding and I learned my classmates abou what I have had seen.

We was in Stockholm this weekend and hiked into the nature. Ginas phone had no connection!

Exercise MMS-4b: create adverbs from adjectives

For example, the adjective: quick (we add +ly to describe how the customer walks)

➜ Making sure to arrive before they close, the customer had to walk quickly.

Adjective: sad

Every day feels the same and, moreover, I lack the motivation to do anything, since I never try anything new.

Adjective: miserable

Even though it felt like I failed, my team cheered me up while my coach tried to make me focus on what I did well.

Adjective: intent

Because Sam held a speech on love, my afternoon was spent thinking about my family as well as my closest friends.

Grammar lecture

MMS-4 Inversions

Inversions and adverbs exercises

Select between the two paths to improve your vocabulary, grammar and comprehension

The broader, less challenging, path - for students who want to grow using basic exercises. 

The narrow, more challenging, path - for those who want to grow using advanced exercises. 


Study the grammar Quizlet.

Exit ticket

Summarise the lesson and read your inversion sentences.