Lesson POL-6

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Lesson goals

Watch an episode of The Great Debate and understand the vocabulary, argument and rhetorical techniques used, and discuss the topic Should we limit the amount of flights by a quota?

Lesson activities

Vocabulary quiz

The Great Debate, episode 4

Group discussion

Vocabulary quiz

Rephrasing - how it works

Read the first sentence. Complete the second sentence so that is has a similar meaning to the first sentence by putting the word in bold in the blank space (...) . Change the word if necessary. You must use between two and five words. For example:

The Great Debate - Ace your case

Discuss the topic from The Great Debate: Ace your case and look at the vocabulary

Time for the exercise: 10 minutes

Before watching the show:

Time for the activities: 40 minutes

After listening, you will be asked to answer on:

Group discussion

Time for the activity: ~20 minutes

Source: UR, retrieved 2021

Figure of speech list


Study the vocabulary and figures of speech for the up-coming test.

Exit ticket

No exit ticket.