Lesson MMS-2

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Lesson goals

Listen to the motivational speech 'Love letters to strangers', identify its contents, structure as well as vocabulary, and, how to use the five steps from Monoroe's motivated sequence

Lesson activities

Homework and vocabulary

Motivational speech example

Group discussion

Homework and vocabulary

Time for the activity: ~10-20 minutes

These exericses will improve your speaking, vocabulary and grammar skills

Answer key

Mainly ➜ more than anything else. =  Huvudsakligen

Clutch ➜ grasp (something) tightly.  =  Gripa

Unkempt ➜ aving an untidy or dishevelled appearance.  =  Misskött

Sucker punched ➜ hit with an unexpected punch or blow.  =  Oväntat slag

Tucked (away) ➜ hidden or difficult to find.  =  Stoppa; undanstoppat

Goliath ➜ a very large and powerful person or organization.  =  Jätte

Harbor ➜ keep a negtive thought or feeling in one's mind.  =  Hamn, husera

To pose ➜present or constitute (a problem or danger). =  Ställa eller lägga fram

Morph ➜ change smoothly from one thing to another. =  Förvandla

Barely ➜ only just; almost not. =  Nätt och jämt

Rural ➜ in or relating to the countryside rather than the town. =  Lantlig, rustik

To harness ➜ control and make use of natural resources. =  Utnyttja

Scriptings ➜ Something written, a text. =  Skrivelser

Convince ➜ completely certain about something.  =  Övertyga

Efficiency ➜ the state or quality of being efficient. =  Effektivitet

Merely ➜ just; only. =  Endast

Unearth ➜ find (something) in the ground by digging. =  Avslöja, eller, gräva upp

Ripple effect ➜ the spreading results of an event or action.  =  Ringar-på-vattnet-effekt

Quad(rangle) ➜ a square or rectangular space or courtyard.  =  Fyrkantig innergård

Doodle ➜ scribble absent-mindedly.  =  Krumelur

A new archaeological site was unearthed by archaeologists 

In an effort to harness the sun's energy, scientists are working diligently. 

Barely had she made it home when she realized she had lost her phone.

The model struck a pose when asked by the photographer. 

Listening exercise

While listening, take notes on:

Group discussion

Time for the activity: ~20-30 minutes

Discuss with your classmates:

Create a short love-letter speech as a group (this is your exit ticket!) using AI and build upon it.


Read about Monroe's Motivated Sequence and study the vocabulary

Exit ticket

Present your group's love-letter speech to your classmates