Lesson MMS-5

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Lesson goals

Continue study inversion grammar, listen to the motivational speech 'The Dangers of Cell Phones', identify its contents, structure as well as vocabulary, and, use Monoroe's motivated sequence and inversions yourself

Lesson activities

Inversions and vocabulary exercises

Speech example

Group speech

Inversions and vocabulary exercises

Time for the activity: ~20-30 minutes

These exercies will improve your vocabulary, formality and grammar skills

Inversions repetition

You may work by yourself or together with classmates

During this exercise, you will develop your formality and grammar skills

For example: I rarely watch tv ➜ Rarely do I watch tv (note: we had to add the helping verb “do”)

Answer key


Speech example

While listening, take notes on:

Group discussion

Time for the activity: ~20 minutes

This exercise develops your speaking and discussion skills

Discuss with your classmates:

Create a short speech as a group, where you warn your listeners and motivate them to action:

If you wish, use generative AI by copying the following prompt:


Vocabulary quiz next lesson! Study the vocabulary

Exit ticket

Share your group's speech with another group