Lesson MMS-5

Welcome! Please consider how your attitude affects your and other students' experiences of the lesson. 

Be respectful, come prepared, and show interest to have the best possible educational experience. 

Lesson goals

Listen to a speech, discuss the speaker's message and then study vocabulary,  grammar, and, how to use Monoroe's motivated sequence. 

Lesson activities

Inversions repetition

Speech example

Broad and narrow path

Previous lesson

Inversions repetition

Time for the  activitites: ~5-10 minutes

During this exercise, you will develop your formality and grammar skills

For example: I rarely watch tv ➜ Rarely do I watch tv (note: we had to add the helping verb “do”)

Speech example

Vocabulary from The Power of Yet

Broad and the narrow path

Select between the two paths to improve your vocabulary, grammar and comprehension

The broader, less challenging, path - for students who want to grow using basic exercises. 

The narrow, more challenging, path - for those who want to grow using advanced exercises. 


Study the inversions Quizlet from MMS-4

Exit ticket

What are your thoughts on grades and Dweck's student?