Lesson CAA-1

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Lesson goals

Learn about colonial history, postcolonialism and mimicry, cultural appropriation and the power dynamics behind it as well as how it can be understood today in an article on Americacore

Lesson activities

Warm-up exercise

Introduction lecture

Reading comprehension

Warm-up exercise

Warm-up exercise: This is fine

Time for the activity: ~5-10 minutes

On the floor is a range from this is fine to this is not fine. You are going to be given a series of statements to react to (these are not necessarily what we think).

Your task is to quickly stand on this line as a reaction to the statements. Please be prepared to motivate why you chose to stand there.

Introduction lecture

CAA-1 Postcolonial theory

Reading comrehension

Take turns reading America as an Internet Aesthetic (Kyle Chayka, 2021)

Once done, discuss the quotes from the text with a classmate:

Do you agree or disagree? One of your answers is your exit ticket


Study the Quizlet flashcards 

Exit ticket

An example of cultural appropriation is ...