Lesson MMS-1

Welcome! Please consider how your attitude affects your and other students' experiences of the lesson. 

Be respectful, come prepared, and show interest to have the best possible educational experience. 

Lesson goals

Learn about ... and to ... and understand what ...

Lesson activities

Basic: warm-up

Intermediate: introduction lecture

Advanced: ...

During the course of this lesson, you will:

  • Identify Monroe's Motivated Sequence in speeches in order to improve listening comprehension.

Lesson outline

Part A: Random act of kindness

Part B: MMS lecture

Part C: Repetition exercise

Exit ticket and homework

Part A & B


Part C

MMS-1 repetition worksheet


Quizlet studycards and perform your act of kindness. Share the experience next class.

Exit ticket

Draw a face that represents how you feel about public speaking and motivate why.