Lesson MMS-6

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Lesson goals

Deepen your understanding of Monroe's motivated sequence by taking a quiz, develop your vocabulary and practice creating a speech 

Lesson activities

Vocabulary quiz

Vocabulary development

Practice speech

Vocabulary quiz

Rephrasing - how it works

Read the first sentence. Complete the second sentence so that is has a similar meaning to the first sentence by putting the word in bold in the blank space (...) . Change the word if necessary. You must use between two and five words. For example:

Here is another example:

His new album stands a very good chance of winning the award. 


It is (...) his new album will win the award.

Correct answer: It is highly likely that his new album will win the award.

Vocabulary development

Use your whiteboard and draw lines to create a Frayer model. It is a strategy which enchances your vocabulary development and deepen your understanding of new concepts.

Vocabulary list

Hazardous ➜ Dangerous and capable of causing harm 

Tissue ➜ Layer of cells that covers the body  

Magnitude ➜ The size or importance of something

Peril ➜ Danger or risk 

Extensive ➜ Very large or wide-ranging 

Abandon ➜ Stop doing/using something, or to leave 

Stem ➜ To start or develop as the result of something 

Emit ➜ To produce or send out something 

Minuscule ➜ Extremely small

Indicated ➜ Suggested or shown to be the case 

Consistent ➜ Happening or done in the same way over time 

Catalog ➜ Arranged in a systematic way 

Nausea ➜ A feeling of wanting to vomit 

Minimize ➜ Make something as small/unimportant as possible 

Habit ➜ A regular, almost unconscious, way of behaving 

Inconvenient ➜ Not convenient or suitable 

Staggering ➜ Extremely surprising or impressive 

Prolonged ➜ Continuing for a long time 

Epidemic ➜ A sudden and widespread increase of a disease

Publicize ➜ To make something known to the public

Flip recording

Time for the activity: 30-40 minutes

Create a short speech where you motivate the listener to action regarding a danger:

If you wish, use generative AI by copying the following prompt:


Start thinking of a topic that you want your own motivational speech to be about

Exit ticket

No exit ticket (your Flip counts as one)