Learning goals

During Monroe's Motivated Sequence, you will:


Your goal

A motivational speech

Time: ~5 minutes

Style: Formal - ensure that you have checked your script with regard to appropriateness of language, content and structure

Your local university has announced that they are hosting the conference TAKE ACTION!, a conference which focuses on motivation and motivational speaking. Speakers from around the world have been invited and you are one of those speakers.

You and all other speakers are going to hold motivational speeches using the renowned strategy Monroe's motivated sequence - a persuasive speech structure that was developed by assistant professor of Public Speaking Alan H. Monroe in the 1930s. 

Monroe's motivated sequence is a widely used method for designing persuasive speeches or presentations, and it is particularly effective when the goal is to move the audience to action. The conference TAKE ACTION! asks that each participants designs their speech accordingly to build compelling and persuasive arguments. Once the speech is performed, each speaker will be asked questions by the audience to delve deeper into their chosen topic.

Speech checklist: