Lesson ECP-3

Welcome! Please consider how your attitude affects your and other students' experiences of the lesson. 

Be respectful, come prepared, and show interest to have the best possible educational experience. 

Lesson goals

Learn about ... and to ... and understand what ...

Lesson activities

Basic: warm-up

Intermediate: introduction lecture

Advanced: ...

During the course of this lesson, you will:

  • test your knowledge of postcolonial theory

  • read The Color Purple

  • discuss the events and characters

Lesson outline

Part 1. Postcolonial theory mini-test

Part 2. Read The Color Purple, pages 79-117

Part 3. Group discussion

Exit ticket & homework.

Part 1

Postcolonial theory mini-test. Please wait for the Quizlet code.

Part 2

As a group, we read The Color Purple, pages 79-117.

Related vocabulary

  • Clabber - surmjölk

  • Flustered - förvirrad

  • Aplenty - gott om, i mängd

  • Affliction - lidande, sjukdom

  • Kinky - krulligt

  • Reckon - att förmoda, att gissa

  • Missionary - missionär

  • Downtrodden - förtryckt

  • Thimble - fingerborg

  • Boater - en platt halmhatt

  • Gored - stånga ihjäl

  • Dredged - ta upp något otrevligt som glömts bort

  • Drooped - hängande eller framåtlutande

  • Clerical - prästlig, relaterat till kyrkan

  • Seining - hängande fiskenät

  • Rassle - att brottas

Part 3

Group discussion

Time for the activity: 15 minutes

Once done reading, we will discuss what you have read and take notes on your whiteboard.

Together with your classmates, you will assume either the role of summariser, questioner, clarifier or predictor.

  • Summariser: What happened? What were the most important events and characters?

  • Questioner: What was unclear while reading this part of the book? What do you wonder about?

  • Clarifier: Try to answer the Questioner. E.g., events or words that you do not understand or know.

  • Predictor: What do you think will happen next? How did you come to that conclusion?

You are encouraged to be active to make the text more comprehensible.

You will have have a template to use where you fill out the boxes as you discuss. This helps in practicing your writing skills.


Repeat the theory as needed.

Exit ticket

My impressions so far are ...