Lessons CAA

The acclaimed international magazine The Daily Globe hosts an annual essay writing contest and this year’s topic is cultural appropriation. The aim is to discuss the complex issues concerning the adaption to or mimicry of customs or practices from various cultures. The Daily Globe has distributed a background material - short stories written by the best-selling author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and a selection of articles from international magazines - to be read by contestants before submitting their work.

After reading the short stories and articles, decide on ideas, claims, statements, examples or arguments that you wish to discuss in your essay. You are allowed to summarise these into 200 words which you may bring with you when writing the essay.

Learning goals

During Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation, you will:

Essay instructions

Title: Cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation?

Word count: 400-800

Time: 160 minutes

Style: Formal - ensure that you have checked what you have written with regard to appropriateness of language, content and structure

Essay checklist: