Lesson ECP-2

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Lesson goals

Watch the movie The Color Purple and learn about the narrative as well as answer a worksheet on post-colonial theory.

Lesson activities

Basic: watch the movie

Intermediate-advanced: worksheet

Basic: The Color Purple

Please pay attention while watching the movie.

Intermediate-advanced: worksheet

Postcolonial worksheet

During this exercise, you will learn how to understand, retell and compare the narratives using theory

  1. While watching The Color Purple, use the worksheet to connect the themes with the theory and the characters. See the example!

  2. Then, give examples of those connections. Try to explain with concrete examples from the story since this will help you expand upon the connection.

  • Themes:

    • violence, gender roles, colonialism, sexuality and racism

  • Postcolonial theory:

    • exoticism, eurocentrism, mimicry, colonial education and otherness

  • Characters:

    • Celie, Nettie, Mr., Shug Avery, Harpo, Sofia, Squeak and Alphonso


Read about postcolonial theory and study the Quizlet.

Exit ticket

Today, I learned about ...