Lesson AWF-1

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Learning goals; we are learning to

Understand what is included in an academic essay, how to use sources, read about the state of the world and answer the question "How optimistic are you about the world"?

Lesson activities

Basic: theme warm-up

Intermediate: introduction lecture

Advanced: reading comprehension

Basic activity: warm-up - A Warning to the Future

Time for the activity: ~10-15 minutes

You are taking part of the international summit A Warning to the Future: A New Dark Age or a Bright Future? with the aim of creating a time capsule that will include a warning to the future. During this summit, you discuss potential threats, compare science to science fiction, as well as predict which outcome is the most probable.

Consequently, the future of mankind rests upon your collective shoulders since the conference ends with voting what knowledge will be passed on to future generations. What is your warning to the future?

The procedure:

  1. Before placing your votes, you will be asked to write you vote on a piece of paper. Voting is anonymous and secret.

  2. Secondly, write a short motivation on another piece of paper which you keep.

  3. While the votes are being counted, discuss with other representatives the predictions and what warning we should be in the capsule with your classmates.

  4. Once counted, the votes are published.

Intermediate activity: lecture

L5-1 A Warning to the Future

Reading comprehension

Exit ticket

“How optimistic are you about the world?”

I am ...


Study the Quizlet and write a 50-150 reflection on the topic:

“How optimistic are you about the world?”

Submit your response to Unikum within a week.