Lesson AWF-1

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Lesson goals

Discuss the future, understand what is included in an academic essay, how to use sources, read about robotics and discuss its contents

Lesson activities

Time capsule discussion

Introduction lecture

Reading comprehension

Time capsule discussion

Time for the activity: ~10 minutes

You are taking part of the international summit A Warning to the Future: A New Dark Age or a Bright Future? with the aim of creating a time capsule for future people to find. Apart from including written warnings to the future, other items are also meant to be stored in the time capsule.

You have been selected to participate in group discussions concerning what researchers should include in a time capsule. As a group:

Introduction lecture

Time for the activity: ~20-30 minutes

L5-1 A Warning to the Future

Reading comprehension

Time for the activity: ~20



Study the Quizlet.

Exit ticket

Do you agree or disagree with what the author has written?

How realistic do we want robots to be?