Lesson AWF-5

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Learning goals; we are learning to

Understand how to use

Lesson activities

Basic: participle clause warm-up

Intermediate: read and check understanding

Advanced: ...

WF-5: Reading and writing

Grammar exercise participle clauses

Pre. - predict

Write 3 sentences what you think the text will be about. Use at least one of the new vocabulary per sentence. When done, share with a classmate and then your name might be drawn.

During reading 1984. - decide on a part

Decide on a section of the text that you will be using later to make more consise.

After. consise writing Transform into present, past, future





A threat to bananas

  1. Open the link and complete the preparation exercise.

  2. Read the text A threat to bananas.

  3. Complete the tasks.

  4. Prepare to voice your opinion:"what do you think of the solution to genetically modify the Cavendish banana?"

Exit ticket

"Today, I was succesful ..."


Continue writing your text.