Lesson AWF-5

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Learning goals; we are learning to

Understand about bananas and genetic engineering by reading a text, discuss its contents and practice writing.

Lesson activities

Basic: participle clauses exercise

Intermediate: read and check understanding

Advanced: analyse and discuss

Basic activity: participle clauses

Time for the activity: ~15 minutes

  1. You are going to read a text called A threat to bananas.

  2. Write 3 sentences what you think the text will be about.

  3. Use at least one of the new vocabulary per sentence as well as at least one participle clause.

  4. When done, share with a classmate and then with the rest of the class if your name is drawn.

Vocabulary - Eng/Swe

  • lucrative - lönsamt monoculture - monokultur

  • dominated - dominerat strain - ätt eller stam

  • cultivated - kultiverat quarantining - karantän

  • densely - tätt inevitable - oundviklig

  • prevents - förhindra resistant - resistenta

  • efforts - insats sophisticated - sofistikerad

  • bankruptcy - bankrupt temporary - tillfällig

Intermediate activity: reading comprehension

A threat to bananas

  1. Open the link and complete the exercises.

  2. Read the text A threat to bananas.

  3. Complete the tasks.

Advanced activity: analyse and discuss

Time for the activity: ~20-30 minutes

  1. Write a short text (~50-150 words) where you either agree or disagree with the text about genetic engineering.

  2. Use at least three participle clauses while writing.

  3. Once done, upload your text to Unikum.

Exit ticket

"What do you think of the solution to genetically modify the Cavendish banana?"


Start thinking which topic you would like to write about:

Robot-led education: do we need human teachers?

What are the dangers and benefits of a society with less physical interaction?

Genetic engineering: how far will humans alter themselves?