Lesson AWF-2

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Lesson goals

Understand a text on robots and discuss their impact on the future using new vocabulary and quotes.

Lesson activities

Basic: prediction

Intermediate: read and check understanding

Advanced: analyse and discuss

Basic activity: predict

Time for the activity: ~15 minutes

  1. You are going to read a text called Robots: friend or foe?

  2. Write 3 sentences what you think the text will be about.

  3. Use at least one of the new vocabulary per sentence.

  4. When done, share with a classmate and then with the rest of the class if your name is drawn.

Vocabulary - Eng/Swe

  • artificial intelligence - artificiell intelligens drone - drönare, eller surra

  • autonomous - oberoende eller självstyrande foe - fiende

  • algorithm - algoritm develop - utveckla

  • surpass - överträffa evolve - utveckla

  • supersede - ersätta audiovisual- audiovisuell, både ljud och bild

  • enhance - stärka eller förbättra perception - uppfattning

  • teething problems - barnsjukdomar sentry - vaktpost

Intermediate activity: reading comprehension

Time for the activity: ~20-30 minutes

Robots: friend or foe?

  1. Open the link and complete the exercises.

  2. Read the text Robots: friend of foe?

  3. Pick one a part to quote, paraphrase or summarise

  4. Complete the tasks

  5. Prepare to voice your opinion:

    • "Which of the points in the reading do you agree with?"

    • "Do you see robots as friends or foes?"

Advanced activity: analyse and discuss

Time for the activity: ~20-30 minutes

  1. Write a short text (~50-150 words) where you either agree or disagree with the text about the future and robots.

  2. Either use a quote, paraphrase or summarise as a part of your answer.

  3. Once done, share your text with a classmate and thenthe rest of the class (do not submit the text to Unikum).


Study the Quizlet.

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