Lesson C-4

Welcome! Please consider how your attitude affects your and other students' experiences of the lesson. 

Be respectful, come prepared, and show interest to have the best possible educational experience. 

Lesson goals

Learn about ... and to ... and understand what ...

Lesson activities

Basic: warm-up

Intermediate: introduction lecture

Advanced: ...

During this lesson you will:

  • listen to a poem on globalization

  • record yourself speaking about global English

  • assess the course this far

Hollie McNish's poem Mathematics

Pre-poem activity

Time for the activity: ~5-10 minutes

‘Mathematics’ by Hollie McNish. The themes of the poem are:

Immigration racism mathematics globalization

What do you think the poem will say about these themes?

Discuss with a classmate and use your whiteboard to take notes.

Prepare to share your answers with the class.

Listening activity and questions

Time for the activity: 10 minutes

First, just listen to the poem.

After listening to it once, will hear it a second time, this time with the script.

One the backside of the script, you will have a set of questions to answer.

Post-poem activity

Time for the activity: 10 minutes

Discuss with a classmate and use your whiteboard to take notes on:

  1. What are your immediate thoughts about the poem? Don’t over-analyse here.

  2. Why do you think Hollie McNish entitled the poem Mathematics?

  3. We hear Hollie McNish read her own poem. How is the poem different when hearing it than reading it ?

  4. How does she use rhyme and rhythm in the poem?

  5. Globalization is “the increasing connectedness and interdependence of world cultures and economies” (source) - in what way does the poem cover those ideas?

Flipgrid recording

Time for the activity: 10 minutes

Your task is to record yourself speaking on Flipgrid about global English and globalization for ~1-2 minutes. The theme of this spoken recording is: is global English and globalisation a culture creator or a culture killer?

You will be provided with some statements that might inspire you, either by agreeing or disagreeing with them.

The aim of the recording is to provide us with an example of your speaking skills. Please note that this will not be graded but you will receive feedback.

Group feedback

Sit in groups of 4~5, have something to drink and eat while enjoying that you completed the course introduction.

Richard and I will chat with you and will want to know about:

  • Your thoughts on the course and style of teaching this far.

  • Reactions to the results from the written, reading and listening tests.

  • Anything in particular that you need help with or that we should know.


No homework.

Exit ticket

Today, I enjoyed...