Lesson C-2

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Lesson goals

Learn about compound-complex sentences, FANBOYS, practice your reading comprehension by reading an article about global English and then test your reading skills.

Lesson activities

Basic: grammar lecture

Intermediate: reading practice

Advanced: reading comprehension

Lecture on compound-complex sentences

C-2 ENG7

Grammar exercise 1

What kind of clauses are these sentences?

  1. Because of the outdated protective gear. (Independent / dependent)

  2. Yesterday was perplexing. (Independent / dependent)

  3. When he published a paper on coffee acidity. (Independent / dependent)

  4. Astronomy should be known as astrology. (Independent / dependent)

  5. They were tenacious. (Independent / dependent)


  • Independent ➜ stand-alone

  • Dependent ➜ not stand alone

Grammar exercise 2

What kind of clauses are these sentences?

  1. Exercising is taxing, but I didn't give up. (Compound / complex)

  2. It was midday, and the day felt long. (Compound / complex)

  3. She got a scholarship, despite her misbehaviour. (Compound / complex)

  4. When on an errand, I deter from loitering. (Compound / complex)

  5. If you study valiantly, you will reap the rewards. (Compound / complex)


  • Compound ➜ Independent + FANBOYS conjunction + independent

  • Complex ➜ Independent + dependent

Reading practice: Why did English become the global language?

Before reading warm-up

Time for the activity: 5~10 minutes.

Individually or with a classmate, match the Swedish and English vocabulary on your whiteboards.


  1. Tvist

  2. Gemensamt andraspråk

  3. Handel

  4. Nyckelområde (meaning: viktigt ämne)

  5. Diplomati

  6. Överlägsen

  7. Omfattande

  8. Framträda

  9. Känd

  10. Framför allt

  11. Excentrisk (meaning: ovanlig)


  • A. Dispute

  • B. Emerge

  • C. Extensive

  • D. Lingua franca

  • E. Diplomacy

  • F. Supreme

  • G. Most notably

  • H. Commerce

  • I. Eccentric

  • J. Renowned

  • K. Key area

Why did English become the global language.pdf

During reading activity

Time for the activity: 15 minutes

Taking turns reading aloud, we are going to read McGovern’s 2019 article ‘Why did English become the global language?

Next, we will cover a short reading and grammar exercise.

Reading and grammar exercise

Time for the activity: 5-10 minutes

  1. Change the following sentences using the word given in bold.

  2. The sentence must be as close as possible to the meaning in the original.

  3. Your answer must also be grammatically correct.

  4. You must use between three and five words in each gap, including the word given. For example:

She found that the fridge had been left open overnight.


She found that ____________________________ a the fridge open overnight.

Answer: She found that someone had left the fridge open overnight.

1.English is a global language and there are around 380 million native speakers.


__________ around 380 million native speakers, English is a global language.

2. If English had not risen to its current power, French might have been the largest global language.


French might have been the largest global language, even before English ______ its current power

3. English is studied at school and Swedes are confident at speaking English


Swedes are ___________ English, since the lingua franca is studied at school.

Once done, identify if the sentences are compound or complex!

Reading comprehension

Time for the test: ~20 minutes.

The aim of taking the reading comprehension test is to provide Feke with an example of your reading skills. Please note that this test will not be graded but you will receive feedback.

  1. Read the text where words have been left out.

  2. In the margin you will find four alternatives for each gap. Choose the best alternative and mark your answer – A, B, C or D

  3. The answers require correct spelling and grammar.

  4. We will cover the correct answers after 20 minutes.


Practice the Quizlet-vocabulary.

Exit ticket

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