Lesson C-1

Welcome! Please consider how your attitude affects your and other students' experiences of the lesson. 

Be respectful, come prepared, and show interest to have the best possible educational experience. 

Lesson goals

Get to know Feke, learn about the English 7 course and Feke's teaching philosophy as well as influencing the order of the course. Finally, you will interview each other.

Lesson activities

Basic: getting to know each other

Intermediate: introduction to the course

Advanced: a short interview

Introduction lecture

Core C-1

A short interview

Your task is to interview another student (~2-5 min) using Flip and in the process help them introduce themselves. This will be recorded .

You will be provided with some questions and the aim of the introduction is twofold:

  • getting to know you, as well as

  • providing an example of your speaking skills.

Please note that this will not be graded but you will receive feedback.


No homework.

Exit ticket

No exit ticket.