Lesson WF-9

Welcome! Please consider how your attitude affects your and other students experience of the lesson.

Be respectful, come prepared with relevant material and show interest in order to have the best possible educational experience.

Learning outcomes

During the course of this lesson, you will learn:

  • Read sci-fi and articles on a chosen area and use sources in your own predictions.

  • Write an academic essay with correct grammar, spelling, vocabulary and structure.

  • Discuss and reflect from personal and scientific perspectives.

Lesson outline

Give and receive peer feedback

Students either practice reading comprehension, or,

Continue with their A Warning to the Future essays

Exit ticket.


Peer feedback

The purpose of giving peer feedback is improvement. As you help your classmates, you will also grow.

  1. Share your essay with your classmates. Please note that you are supposed to have a drafts.

  2. Read each others' texts and make comments.

    • Three (or more) positive points

    • At least one contructive point

  3. Share and explain your feedback with your classmates.

Reading comprehension

Are we losing the art of conversation?

  1. Open the link and complete the preparation exercise.

  2. Read the text Are we losing the art of conversation?

  3. Complete the tasks

  4. Prepare to voice your opinion:

    • "Which changes in the way we communicate with technology do you think are the most important? Why?"

    • "Do you prefer to communicate face-to-face or online? Why?"

A Warning to the Future essays

Continue with your A Warning to the Future essays.

Exit ticket

"From the feedback that I received, I will focus on ..."


Continue writing your text.