Lesson WF-4

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Learning outcomes

During the course of this lesson, you will learn:

  • Read sci-fi and articles on a chosen area and use sources in your own predictions.

  • Write an academic essay with correct grammar, spelling, vocabulary and structure.

  • Discuss and reflect from personal and scientific perspectives.

Lesson outline

Essential exercise: Homework and previous lesson

Detailed exercise: How to use sources

Complex exercise: Reading Sustainable supermarkets

Exit ticket and homework

Essential exercise

Group discussion: news homework

Time for the activity: 10 minutes

Look at the news (TV, online or printed magazine, Twitter, news feed) and find a news item that is related to the future. Use your critical thinking and consider what might happen in the future because of that event.

Prepare to tell your classmates in groups of 3~5, showing them the news item, arguing how plausible it might happen and why and how believable the source is.

Participle clauses exercise

Time for the exercise: 10 minutes

Follow the link to the right and complete the exercise.

Detailed exercise

L5-4 How to use sources

Complex exercise

How to use sources

Time for the activity: 30 minutes

Read the text on sustainable supermarkets, and then use the techniques:

  1. Summarise the text.

  2. Paraphrase what supermarkets aim to achieve by 2025.

  3. Quote one of the environmentally friendly measures supermarkets and other shops take.

  4. Your opinion: What other environmentally friendly measures should supermarkets and other shops take?

Exit ticket

"... is a topic I would be interested in writing about."


Think of a topic!